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10 Must Read Excerpts from books for life as it is...

10 must read excerpts/passages from books for the life as it is to keep you motivated, and overcome your life struggles...

Mithu Mondal In Literature about 1 months ago · 1021 views  · 

I have a dream

I have a dream, that one day I will achieve! The success that I desire, My life’s not a simple one, I still get miserable choice to live!

Gautam Sharma In Literature about 10 hours ago · 15 views  · 

After a while

If you are smiling from inside! Think that you already got your dreams!

Gautam Sharma In Literature about 10 hours ago · 3 views  · 

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Install third party themes on windows 10

Installing third party themes on windows 10(1903) to customize your PC using uxtheme engine...

Mithu Mondal In Customization about 5 days ago · 1001 views  · 

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TinyMCE Image upload to seperate folder in .NET MVC

Upload images to a seperate folder from TinyMCE in ASP.NET MVC, since TinyMCE links images as blob, and sometimes it becomes hard to identify your images... 

Gautam Sharma In Programming about 1 months ago · 51 views  · 

Automate WhatsApp with PyAutoGUI

Automatically send WhatsApp messages at a given time using PyAutoGUI, a module to automate GUI of a computer by emulating keyboad and mouse movements...

Mithu Mondal In Programming about 6 days ago · 35 views  · 

Basic OSPF Configuration - CCNA

OSPF was designed expressly for IP networks and it supports IP subnetting and tagging of externally derived routing information.

Gautam Sharma In Programming about 1 months ago · 16 views  · 

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Gangtok City Ride

Enjoy your summer, winter, autumn, spring and all other season at this mesmerizing place, let me give you a prefect city tour on my bike!! 

King Sid In Adventure about 26 days ago · 20 views  · 

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Why do we fall?

Pain is temporary, it may last for a minutes, for an hour or a day, or even a year but eventually, it will suicide and something else will take its place.

Gautam Sharma In Inspirational about 1 months ago · 2011 views  · 

Life and uncertainties

There are some situation where you can not decide where you wanna go, you might get stuck in between your decisions...

Gautam Sharma In Inspirational about 7 days ago · 26 views  · 

Some Inspirational Talkies

They have the courage to listen to their hearts and to do the wise things. this habits is what makes them great.

Gautam Sharma In Inspirational about 1 months ago · 26 views  ·