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TinyMCE Image upload to seperate folder in .NET MVC

Upload images to a seperate folder from TinyMCE in ASP.NET MVC, since TinyMCE links images as blob, and sometimes it becomes hard to identify your images... 

Gautam Sharma In Programming about 1 months ago · 51 views  · 

Automate WhatsApp with PyAutoGUI

Automatically send WhatsApp messages at a given time using PyAutoGUI, a module to automate GUI of a computer by emulating keyboad and mouse movements...

Mithu Mondal In Programming about 6 days ago · 35 views  · 

Basic OSPF Configuration - CCNA

OSPF was designed expressly for IP networks and it supports IP subnetting and tagging of externally derived routing information.

Gautam Sharma In Programming about 1 months ago · 16 views  ·