I have a dream

Gautam Gautam Donate Sep 15, 2019 · 1 min read
I have a dream




A short poem yet I find it inspirational by me, hope you guys like it. Thank you all for reading this.. 


I have a dream, that one day I will achieve!

The success that I desire,

My life’s not a simple one, I still get miserable choice to live!

Still I have a potential to get it.

Sometimes I think I live in hell,

maybe that’s why I try to make everything well!

I try to manage my work with my life, but still I got time to acquire it.

I try to sleep, but my dream doesn’t let me,

I wonder why or how I get it?

I just wanna say thanks!

to my haters who let me fulfill my anxiety in achieving more,

but I still got something, maybe you gonna love it.

I keep my agglomeration all locked.

I may be a selfish, coz i know my dreams and what I hold.

I close my eyes, I see the thunder,

I hear a noise, maybe you need to work more!

I get up and sit on my couch,

I’m so stressed out.

I spend my money on my shoes, but I dare,

you to wear my shoes and walk a step further, you’ll get to know where I’m!

You’ll understand my disease of happiness,

my scream of success, my failure and my love that arouses my soul.

- Gautam Sharma

Hope you like it! Thanks for reading!

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