Life and uncertainties

Gautam Gautam Sep 09, 2019 · 2 mins read
Life and uncertainties



Dealing with some of the most difficult situation in life, sometimes you might get stuck, depressed, you start looking for solutions, but sometimes you coudn't get one. Same happened to me few months ago, and now I realized how can I deal with that kind of situation in future, and I wrote few lines, hope you might find it helpful. 
There are some situation where you can not decide where you wanna go, you might get stuck in between your decisions, some of your decisions might take you to nowhere, while other can land you to the place where you can get blamed for being there. You either choose the right path or the wrong one. But your right decision is always late, meanwhile you learn a lesson from your wrong decisions.
Man may have certainties, limits, emotions but there's no limit for your decisions, imagination or of your thoughts. Your imagination can lead you to the beautiful place making you strong to build that place for real. You see the beauty of lives, how we born, how our body makes our living, and what reason makes it dead, but our souls remain alive thinking what happiness I've gained being with my body. How much happiness I've given to others and how much knowledge do I have given to others.
You may not count your happiness, but you always remember the fight you had with.
A successful man always count his failures, his sadness and his whole life's struggles he's been with.
You may admire your idol but you never know his solution when in troubles until and unless you research him again. Some of you can have your own solution which can lead you a step closer to your door of success - a better solution.
A beautiful heart remains beautiful when his thoughts remains calm and peace. Peaceful mind solely work on your dreams if you let it to, make a habit of achieving more, surround with groups of people having mind full of struggles and yet successful in their own way, since they know better life then anyone else, they can easily teach you how to tackle the most difficult situation.
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